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Kids Running

How many children are in each group – up to 6

How long does each class go for – 30mins

What is the cost for Kindy Tennis – invoiced per school term e.g 9 weeks

Do we have to buy a Racquet – no all racquets are provided

Do parents have to stay at center when lesson is taking place?

no just drop children off as normal and coach collects children from class and takes them to tennis area set up in daycare

Is Kindy Tennis on every week all year – no classes are weekly but only in term times

Are children taken off site for class – no all classes are conducted at the centre

How can I find out what they have done during their class – Every 2 weeks we update our facebook page with details on what has been covered during class

What happens if we miss a class – we offer make up classes so that the child will not miss out. Make ups must been done during the same term

What happens if class is rained off – we will make any canceled class at end of term

Where can we play – all centres of Kindy Tennis are listed on website

Is my child ready – children are ready as soon as they can swing a racquet

What can I do if you are not at our centre – we are happy to contact your centre for a free trial

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 PO Box 136 Noosa Head 4567 QLD      O415 835 457